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Letter from ITTAF, Grand Master Mario Pons 9th Degree

Dear friends, presidents, masters and amateurs in general,

We open our website ( It's the official web of International Traditional Taekwon-Do Federation (ITTAF), which has all requisites that it has to have in Spain, and with the affiliation form sent to SportAccord (GAISF) and WADA (World Agency Anti-Doping).

We are not just another federation, we are a new federation of a new sport, called Traditional Taekwon-Do, with General Choi Hong Hi style. Our intention is to preserve his teachings, history, writings, books...everything related to Traditional Taekwon-Do; with the purpose of achieving his dream: that Traditional Taekwon-Do became an official sport recognised worldwide; affiliated to SportAccord, WADA and any other world sport organization. There is Tennis and Table Tennis; Grass Hockey, Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey; Rhythmic Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastics; Swimming and Synchronized Swimming; why not Taekwondo and Traditional Taekwon-Do? This is our mission. We want to defend GAISF Constitution and fight against doping in championships.

Our federation will be new and democratic. It will have audited accounts and a Constitution according to SportAccord (GAISF) rules. Since the beginning, SportAccord has supported us and is helping us to become a member, a sport with all rights.


We don't want to create competence against any other similar sport. We are a new modality, called Traditional Taekwon-Do. Our style is General Choi Hong Hi's. Without any changes, just the necessaries to the future of our sport and to convert his thoughts and ideas o a reality. History made reality. Not promises nor false illusions. A new International federation that will govern Traditional Taekwon-Do all over the world.

From here, I want to thank Mss Ricarda Ettlin, personal Secretary of SportAccord President, Mr Hein Verbruggen. She has helped us with all we have asked her for in order to prepare all the necessary papers to become a member of GAISF. Thank you very much Mss Ricarda Ettlin.

Finally, I want to welcome all member countries of our federation and invite them to the World ITTAF Championships, that will be held in Croatia from 2 to 9 May, 2011.

I want to say goodbye making clear that we are not another federation, we are a new sport called Traditional Taekwon-Do, and its federation, ITTAF, will govern its future in the world. Thank you for the support from many national federations of our sport in the world.

Welcome to our website!

Yours in ITTAF and for GAISF,

Grand Master Mario Pons 9th Dan



ITTAF black belt certificates are a reference worldwide

Prices for ITTAF black belt certificates are available to everyone. ITTAF is the only world organization of martial arts in which the certificate prices are adjusted depending on the income per capita of each country, according to the list of countries of the International Monetary Fund.

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Hoy como desde el primer día sigo con el compromiso intacto tanto con mi Gran Maestro Mario Pons 9° Dan, como con ITTAF, practicando, dictando clases y capacitando a nuestros miembros a lo largo y ancho de Argentina, como de América toda. Dando seminarios, cursos y organizando torneos.


GM Mario Pons, president of ITTAF and SB Juanjo Garcia were invited by the Israel Taekwon-Do Academy , directed by SB Leonardo Pereira and Lorena Pereira to dictate a Taekwon-Do Seminar in the State of Israel.

The seminar took place in the city of Nahariya. This is the second time that the ITTAF president is visiting Israel, and was a pride to the Academy to have him back. This time with a great guest, a real Champion, SB Juanjo Garcia..... together , they gave a great seminar, with more than 80 students and the youngest one was five !!!


National Instructor Seminar. Argentina 2014.


Reflections on ITTAF


Some pictures...

Some pictures...


In the following photos you can see the first gray dobok implanted by General Choi Hong Hi to practice his martial art.

Mario Pons and Masiá Loles appear on this photo with a North Korea team member of Traditional Taekwon-Do, whose demonstration was held in Vienna (Austria) on March 24th 1986, at the World Headquarters of the International Federation.

In the second picture we see General Choi teaching a course in which nearly all attendees wear the gray dobok.

The dream of General Choi Hong Hi to implement the gray dobok was that his Taekwon-Do was differentiated from the Olympic Taekwon-Do and Karate.


Earlier or later, it was necessary to write about the real ideas of General Choi. As a Spanish and a practitioner of Traditional Taekwon-do, founded by General Choi, there are many truths that I think the world should know.

In Spain, General Choi Original Taekwon-do came in 1968. Direct students (who I do not want to quote to protect their data) introduced Taekwon-Do in 1968, but the influence of Korea made Taekwon-Do disappear completely. I mean the practice and dissemination in the year 1979. So in January of that year, General Choi Taekwon-Do disappeared in Spain. Then, it was when, with my new black belt, I began my struggle to return the style of Taekwon-Do founded by General Choi to Spain. It is not until 1982 that I get his address in Canada, and her daughter answers to my letter. In her response (which is in my possession) she tells me the whole true story about what had happened to Taekwon-Do in Spain.